legendary merchant Akil Stokes appeared in the Two Blokes Trading podcast for his second appearance. In the usual rain of brilliant bombs of knowledge, one of the things that struck me was that it was a garbage can in September. I will explain: I negotiated trading systems that worked very well in secondary markets. But when all traders have gone on vacation during the summer, volatility has been absorbed by the market and, as a result, tends to show up.
After all, is not the ability to make money anytime reason why many of us have opted for currency trading instead of investing in stocks and stocks? We want to make money in bull and bear markets. But what about indicator chart secondary markets? The market is moving in three directions: high, low and lateral. Do not forget the last one.

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Is there a system that allows you to work with the same criteria in all three directions? Not that I know. So I decided to change a system of exchange of trends and a system of exchange reversed / trend. I know that TSC wants me to change all three, but I’m still a naughty schoolboy. Two sets of trends and a ranking system will seem to balance in one direction, so I will choose the Trend Traders Support Club system (both are available) which will give me the best returns and I will stick there.

As a result, Akil’s trading account was violated each September. Your answer? Get a trend trading system together and run it with your trading system rank. Now, he says he can make money in all markets.
As you know, we recently dropped the training aspect of the Traders Support Club program to learn and revisit their specific business strategies. One of the key points in his swing trading video series is his insistence on learning and negotiating three different strategies. One is a trend-based outbreak research, one of which candlestick patterns download is an inverse strategy aimed at achieving what I have described above, and the other is a commercial scale system. Mark, mark, mark.
I recently saw this tweet from Jerry Parker, the famous Megatrends disciple.